Divorced from a regular box model, Vespertine’s home in The Waffle Building twists and contorts itself as the exoskeleton rises above Hayden Tract. The aggregate is comprised of steel curvaceous ‘fins’ that encapsulate frames of glass. The iron ore redness attributes to rawness of steel, a clean bone, stripped down to the basics. I think it’s a specific win to the architect Eric Owen Moss.

“A preliminary study model made from a square pile of note paper, describes a concept for a tower which is not quite a regular box, nor a clear, spatial departure from the regular box. Rather the model suggests a conceptually soft geometry, or better, a twisted tower.”

LA Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold rated Vespertine at number one last year. You’ll hear him use words like “vision”, “juxtaposition” and “aesthetic” to phrases like “to keep you off-balance” and “resembles nothing”. If the architecture is any indication at all, foresee that your meal, I mean experience, will be other-worldly.

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