Born and raised in South Africa, film and television Actress Jodi Balfour @jodiannebalfour moved to Los Angeles five years ago and now resides in a 1920’s cottage nestled in the Silver Lake hills, with her boyfriend Alex and pup, Isla.

At just over 500 square feet, the cottage was designed as a circle, so one room flows freely into another. “The house was built in the 20’s and is nestled up an historic stair street in the hills of Silverlake. We have a luxurious amount of outdoor space which helps make the home feel larger than it is and allows us an indoor-outdoor lifestyle we love.”

“I find that colour drives me the most, and then prioritizing a sense of calm, comfort and beauty that helps us feel inspired. I love reading architecture and design publications, both online and hard copy. My favourite sources of inspiration though are the hotels, restaurants and homes I’ve visited while travelling; as well as publications like Open House magazine and books like Wabi Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams which I savour like some kind of delicacy.”

“At the risk of sounding deeply unoriginal, I love the way the sun sets in the neighbourhood here, bathing the hills and the San Gabriel mountains in golden-peach light, cutting through a little gap in the geography to get right in your eye while driving… it makes me feel so stupidly happy.”

“I find that a lot of the agriculture, climate and lifestyle in Los Angeles is reminiscent of South Africa. I’ve been here for a little over five years now and I’ve put a lot of energy into creating a life here. South Africa will always be a part of me – it shaped me more than anything, I miss it so much – but LA is home.”

“A book I come back to is White Fragility by Robin Diangelo. I’ll repeat with gusto what so many have said: this should be compulsory reading for every white person who considers themselves liberal and progressive. I suppose saying this has “inspired” me is a bit strange, but it has. It’s important fuel for my critical thinking and commitment to social change.”

Feature for In Bed with words by Serafina LoGiacco